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Baltimore, MD

Our pilot location, Project Back Home – Baltimore consists of a performing arts academy for the city.

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Go to Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Coming Fall 2015

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Go to Ferguson, MO

Ferguson, MO

Coming Fall 2015

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Washington, DC

Coming Fall 2015

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Now accepting applications for
Project Back Home - Baltimore's performing arts academy.

About Project Back Home

A Vision of The Zoe Center and Loudoun Bible Church

Project Back Home is a community initiative of The Zoe Center whereby concerned citizens can give back to their respective hometown communities that played a significant role in their development and/or success. Project Back Home will offer varied initiatives.

The kickoff initiative is the Baltimore/Loudoun Partnership, where The Zoe Center will host 40 11th-12th grade students from Baltimore City and County at The Zoe Center Performing Arts Academy. Apply now.

What is The Zoe Center?
The Zoe Center is the Birth of a Vision: Before Loudoun Bible Church was incorporated with the state of Virginia in 2005, it was the vision of the pastor, Dr. Wayne D. Wyatt, Sr., through the ministry of the church to have facilities in the Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia region constructed for the purpose of reaching the heart of the performing artist and with that open door, building a better community.

The Zoe Center is comprised of two major sections:

1. Zoe Arts—providing learning opportunities to develop artist skills through music, dance, drama and correlating technology such as photography and videography—this is why we have a dark room and dance/stretch rooms off our side corridor.
2. Zoe Business—through Zoe business we will seek creative opportunities for developing strong corporate relationships. In addition, Zoe Business will offer classes for our youth and those who need to enhance soft skills making them more marketable in the business community.


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